[Official Video] A.I – THIAGO

It’s the FAVELA CUP here in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. And it’s LIVE.

I’m watching “them boys” getting popped at the moment. The football is fantastic, as you would expect here in Brazil. Red cups are aplenty. The GYALIS are in the stands. The churrascaria is lit. It’s cooking. The party is over here, Dolapo, trust me.

I’ve just spoken to THIAGO following a 2-4 stomping of his latest opposition.

THIAGO makes direct comparisons between the favelas of Rio, Brazil, and the streets of Lagos, Nigeria.

The Brazilian Baby Boy says: “The favelas take me back every time. It’s so similar to life back home. The football, you know, so much talent on show. Obviously, the fans, the atmosphere, the color. It’s amazing, you know.”

He goes on to say: “It’s a joy to pop off here, every summer.”

Yes, The Lost Prince of Brazil is back on tour and it’s nothing short of a joy to witness. LIVE.

We are all tap dancing to THIAGO’s tune, Dolapo. You can also watch THIAGO via the streaming link below. Back at you, at home. Love From Brazil

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Published on: August 12, 2022. at: 3:51 pm

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